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The Best Hand Made Pastry

Flakey golden pastry filled with the highest quality ingredients. Made with love by people who care about food. Everything is made from scratch.

We are the flakey bakers Kate & Debra

We have been baking for decades with European and Caribbean influences. We can provide uncooked, cooked or frozen pies. Our frozen pastry is as equally good as when it is cooked fresh. We are passionate about baking our savory pies using the highest quality locally sourced organic ingredients because we are convinced that the finest ingredients make the best pies. We have chosen to live in Sonoma County because the small farms produce the best sustainable and humane products. We get our meat from Bud's Custom Meats, our vegetables from Green String Farm, our mushrooms from Fidel's Mushroom Farm, our crabs from Spud Point, our spices from Savory Spice and our butter from Clover Dairy. We make all our pastry using the finest organic flour, butter, and sea salt. Our hand rolled pastry is light and buttery, and of course, very flakey. To get it to be light, delicate and flakey we fold it until we get 81 layers.